OSCURIDAD: Alle Lesungen im Sommer 2019

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Lesungen Sommer 2019

Herbst-Termine für OSCURIDAD!

Wir haben Termine!

13.09.2018 - Erscheinung des Taschenbuchs

17.09.2018, 19:30 - LESUNG im HIVEWORLD, Mauritiussteinweg 96, 50676 Köln

23.09.2018, 17:30 - LESUNG in der Judovereinigung Siegerland, Sieghütter Hauptweg 9, 57072 Siegen

05.10.2018, 19:30 - LESUNG in der Fahrschule Frank Klaussner, Am Dorfplatz 28, 51588 Nümbrecht, 1. Stock (Aktion NÜMBRECHT IM LESEFIEBER)

13.10.2018, 14:00 - LESUNG auf der BuchMesseCon (BuCon), Fichtestraße 50, 63303 Dreieich, Transporterraum

OSCURIDAD - Absturz ins Ungewisse

Bösartige Aliens, uralte Geheimnisse

und ein surreales Abenteuer!

Ecuador 2054: Kaum hat der Kampfpilot Jason Blackthorne seine Kollision mit der mysteriösen Naomi am Himmel überlebt, gerät er vom Regen in die Traufe: Aus der verwilderten Todeszone La Oscuridad gibt es kein Entkommen. Schon bald merkt er, dass seine neue Begleiterin mehr über die unerklärlichen Anomalien weiß, als sie ihm preisgeben will.

Immer tiefer verstrickt sich Jason in eine mörderische Verschwörung, die er bisher nur für ein Hirngespinst seines Vaters gehalten hat ...


OSCURIDAD - Absturz ins Ungewisse von Eric Nowack wird ab kommenden Herbst überall erhältlich sein, wo man spannende Science-Fiction-Romane bekommt.

Folgt Eric Nowack auf FB: https://www.facebook.com/NowackWriter/

Folgt Eric Nowack auf Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricNowack



Quick Start Rules launched!


Here you go! One Quickstart Rules Booklet, free to download and ready to be enjoyed by up to five players.

Quickstart Rules incoming!

There is an entirely new adventure coming your way, and this one's also free.

Inside this 28-page book, you will find everything you need to start playing CONTACT right off the bat. There's abbreviated game rules, five sample characters, and a ready-to-run introductory mission that will insert you directly into the exciting world of this science-fiction tabletop role-playing game. But be warned: You won't find a princess to save at the end of this dungeon. Instead, get ready for a true triple-A experience: amnesia, abductions and aliens galore. Will you make it out alive? Let's find out with the CONTACT Quick Start Rules, featuring "Going in Circles" by the author of the Tactical Alien Defense Role-Playing Game.

Download the CCC, as promised

Contact Character Calculator

Designed by alien geniuses to make your life during character creation so much easier, this advanced spreadsheet allows you to breeze through the process of building a character for CONTACT in roughly 15 minutes.

Don't get scared by a little math. Use the CCC!

All you need to fire it up it is MS Word, Open Office Calc or any other app capable of processing the .xls format.

Originally started by the author of the game, this helpful spreadsheet was expanded on by Tim Okrongli and finally translated for the international PDF release of the core book of contact.

CONTACT just became available in English!

Are you the type to ask too many questions? Are you infamous for being over-prepared for any situation you encounter? Do people marvel at your outside-the-box thinking and inventiveness? Could you be a scientific genius, an athlete, a mastermind of espionage? Or, do you just excel at crushing your opponents?

The year is 2047 A.D., and a clandestine agency called OMEGA has just recruited you into their ranks of international operatives: soldiers, scientists, spooks, bureaucrats and diplomats, from around the world, all of whom who have already caught a faint glimpse of the impending doom.

Technology has evolved. War has evolved. Unfortunately, trapped in the human condition, Earth's dominant species hasn't. People from all walks of life are still puzzled in the face of a threat that's overshadowed human history for millennia, eluding their grasp, and always lurking beneath layers of lies and deceit.

In this politically-charged future, you will pit your wits and resources against multiple hostile extraterrestrial factions while trying to put an end to the domestic dangers of human lunacy and corporate greed. Enter a vibrant world of UFO madness, mystery, and cutting-edge technology... if you have what it takes to be the last line of defense for your entire planet.

It is time to change the game.

Command. Research. Fight Back.

CONTACT - Tactical Alien Defense Role Playing Game

Available at DriveThruRPG!

Finally available in English, CONTACT is a full-blown, standalone science fiction tabletop role-playing game, authored by Robert Hamberger. It comes with its own custom point-based action combat mechanics, and uses percentile dice for most in-game resolutions. More in-depth game mechanics, such as advanced combat tactics and vehicular fighting, are handled in a modular fashion so that the game can be kept to a minimum amount of complexity for casual gamers. Advanced players will enjoy the added blend of comprehensive strategy and simulation elements such as research and development.

The English language core rulebook is a high-resolution, full color PDF, containing 290 pages of illustration, a hyper-linked index, and other interactive functions which will take you anywhere you need in the blink of an eye. CONTACT has been beautifully illustrated by the prolific U.S. / New Zealand artist Anthony “ACS” Scroggins. This digital product contains everything you will need, including such extras as background information on the game world, an introductory campaign, sample hero characters, assorted sinister alien archetypes, and loads of kick-ass military hardware.


Available at DriveThruRPG!